Color Film Photography

Mathias & Phil

35mm Color Slide Film

Sometime in the 1990s.

I went out in my friends old Jeep Wagoneer to take this pic late at night. This phone booth sat across the street from the Radford Arsenal. I selected the location because of the rare booth. Even in the '90s phone booths where not common.

I set up a tripod to do this timed exposure. Not long after we got there and I had taken a few shots a man in a baseball cap came walking up to us out of nowhere. First words out of his mouth where threats. Pretty mean ones. He wanted us to leave right away.

We were pretty defiant kids. But I got a feeling what was up and gathered my tripod and camera to go. The redneck turned out to be a type of plain clothes military guard. He asked us what we where doing there. "Just taking pictures." I said.

Later I realized we were out at night with a camera infront of a major military installation. The booths location was feet from where the US Government has been making bombs to drop on people since before WWII.


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